Rank® – Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Equipment

What is Rank®?

The Rank® equipment allows the production of electrical energy and useful heat using a low-temperature heat source, with the associated economic and environmental benefits.


Among the main applications of the Rank® ORC machines, we highlight the waste heat recovery and the utilisation of renewable heat sources, with a special interest in cogeneration and trigeneration systems.

Heat sources

Waste Heat



Solar CSP



Heat Sinks



Industrial Processes


A Rank® machine for all needs

Whatever you need, there is a Rank® machine that can be adapted to it, with a range of products that cover different thermal and power ranges.

Case Histories

Despite the recent development of the Rank® technology, we already have several cases of application of our ORC technology in different countries. The Rank® machines have been installed in different sectors, aimed to boost the performance of the given application.

Cogeneration with biomass in buildings

Cogeneration with biomass in buildings

Industrial waste heat recovery

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Working hours


New product launched, Rank® SMALL ORC

At Rank®, we are always innovating and improving through the search for new ORC applications. We are delighted to present the new Rank® SMALL ORC, which has been shipped the last week. 1.5 kWe net power electric generation for residential and light commercial...

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Our ORC technology presented in HFO2018

Rank® is engaged in new climate-friendly technologies and products to stop the greenhouse effect. Two low GWP refrigerants were tested in our Rank® equipment and the experimental results were presented at the IIR HFO2018 conference (Birmingham, UK). If you...

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