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Rank® designs and assembles micro-power and micro-cogeneration equipment (micro CHP).

Micro-power equipment (LT, MT and HT series) are able to obtain electricity from heat sources with temperatures from 85/90 ºC, using the power generated for self-consumption or sale to the grid, with a range of power up to 140 kWe and producing hot water up to 50 ºC.

Micro-cogeneration equipment (HTC serie) are activated from heat sources with temperatures above 180 ºC, producing electricity (to sale or self-consumption with powers from 7.5 kWe up to 140 kWe) and useful heat (hot water up to 80 ºC and 1 MWt).

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Typical payback periods for these systems range from 2 to 5 years. Rank® equipments, besides being economically profitable, are environmentally friendly as they help to reduce the carbon footprint of the facility or process in which the equipment is installed.

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